If you are a Fortnite battle royal player chances are you are always searching for free v bucks, no worries, we got your back.

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This guide will walk you through all the available methods of how to get free v bucks.

I – First, what’s Fortnite?


Unless you live in the stone age, you probably heard about it, Fortnite,  the battle royal game that took the gaming community by a storm

and broke all the records to become the first most popular game in the world. 

With as much as 350 million players worldwide, Fortnite is indeed the ultimate populate battle royal game.

Simple Fortnite Definition:

Fortnite has multiple modes, but the game got its fame from its battle royal mode.

In this mode, players can choose to play as solo, duo, or as a group. Players land on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere

So from there, each has to look for weapons and materials that will help them advance in the game and eventually win.

Basically,  the primary goal of the game is to be the last man standing while all other players have vanished. 

II – What are V bucks? 


V bucks ( short for VinderTech Bucks ) are the in-game currency for Fortnite,  and it is very important, 

players can use v bucks to buy skins and gadgets for their characters,  purchase Battle Pass, buy weapons and emotes, and more.

Players can obtain V bucks directly from the epic games store by purchasing it for real-life money.

So now that you know what are V-bucks, and how important and helpful they could be asking yourself this, How to get free V bucks?

III – How to get free v bucks?


Not everyone is willing to spend their own money on some in-game currency,  they are not sure about.

If you are one of those people.  No worries, we got you covered, 

there actually a handful of ways that you can get v bucks for free without having to spend that much money.

1 –  Login rewards

v buck--daily-rewards

You can acquire free V Bucks simply by logging into your account each day, they called the daily login rewards.

for each day players get a specific amount of free V bucks that scale each day. so the more you log in the more V bucks you get for free

2 – Daily Quests


Complete the “Daily Quests”, each day players who complete the daily quests get rewarded with V bucks,

the quests are always available for players to complete which means that could get you some serious amounts of free V Bucks

3 – Leveling up


Another way to obtain some free V bucks is to level up your account fast, leveling can be done by winning more and lasting longer in battle royals. 

with each level, players get some sweet free VBucks

4 – Save the world missions

save the world and win free bucks

 Altho this is a different mode than battle royal but you can still get some V Bucks from  completing missions and events.

IV – Free V Bucks Generator

v bucks generator

If you google ” Free V Bucks” or ” Free Vbucks Generator”  or even ” How to get free V- Bucks”

a lot of websites will show up claiming to be working V Bucks Generator, but how real are they?

Of course, not everything you find on the internet is real, that being said what if it did work!

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Why use a V Bucks Generator?

If you looking for unlimited free V Bucks without the hassle of Fortnite Quests and wasting money on the Epic-Games shop. then this is was made for you

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How does V Bucks Generator work?

how to get free v bucks

V Bucks Generator is a programmed software engine designed to generate V Bucks for users in exchange of doing some small tasks

and completing offers such as downloading apps, watching videos and passing surveys

Hero and Villain, it doesn’t matter you will need V Bucks, and what better way of getting free V Bucks than a free VBucks Generator.

What are the steps of using the V Bucks


how to use v bucks generator

Step I – Account linking

First and foremost, users are required to link their Fortnite user-names to the free V    Bucks Generator.

only your user-name is required nothing else, no password, no credit card, and no additional personal information will be asked

Step II – Choose your V-bucks reward 

After linking your account, So now you will have to choose which free V Bucks Pack you want,

this will determine what kind of tasks you will have to pass, the bigger the effort, the bigger your reward.

Step III – Complete small tasks & offers

This is the important step, after linking your account and choosing the amount of V Bucks you desire. It’s time to complete some small tasks that normally won’t take over 2 mins max

It is advised to use the V Bucks Generator via your mobile device ( IOS, Android, Tablets )

for better and simple and also faster processing of the tasks such as downloading apps

and pin submissions

Step IV – Swim in Free V-bucks

Reward time baby. Now just lay back and chill and wait for your Free V Bucks to arrive, which normally done instantly,

in some cases might take up to 5 mins depending on how busy our servers are, nevertheless your V Bucks will be delivered to you sound and clear.

V – Final Verdict

So now you know, the best way to obtain 100% free V Bucks is to use our legendary free V Bucks generator.

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